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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Feminist Practice of Technology (FPT)

Feminist Practice of Technology is a growing idea that gives perspectives on technology. It poses questions and defines issues relating to technology from feminist perspectives, taking into account various women’s realities, women’s relationships with technologies, women’s participation in technology development and policy-making, power dynamics in technologies and feminist analysis of the social effects of technologies.

It is also an approach to training that defines the core values that comprise feminist technology training. It is based on the experiences of women and feminists in and with technology training.

What has technology got to do with it?

Online spaces reflect real life situations right from how technology is made- programming to using the device.  Women still have no control over the use of technologies and there is need for them to take up the spaces. Given the great role of ICTs in transmitting essential information for development, and offering new opportunities; use cell phones to send messages.  There is need to think about the actual design of the tech, language etc and take up these spaces just as on the streets.

What’s gender got to do with it?

Online spaces reflect real life aspects of inequality

  • Technology has resulted in new issues for women and in new permutations of women’s issues
  • New avenues for abuse, entrenching inequalities and marginalizing already silenced voices
  • Technology provides new solutions and approaches to addressing women’s issues;
  • Asks how women’s realities influence how technologies are developed, used, appropriated and benefited from
  • Asks how technologies are changing women’s realities
  • Assessing how they can be developed and appropriated to support and facilitate women’s rights agendas

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Source: WOUGNET Feminist eXchange Training


Outcomes of the ‘Battered Woman’s Syndrome?

Uganda woke up to a surprise with one of its former Army Commanders and a major general murdered by a lover in Namuwongo, a suburb in Kampala. The death of the general attracted many headlines in the mainstream media such as ….general dies in ‘Kandaha’, a lion killed by a rat! Name it….. The lady who confessed to the crime in self defence was first charged with the crime of Manslaughter but has now been remanded in prison with charges of murder.

 The death has left so many questions with some indicating that the cruel some murder that left one of Uganda’s Giants dead was a planned plot aided by assailants after the general’s life. It’s unclear whether a lowly woman could have murdered a general who fought fierce battles for years and retired unhurt. This has also left a lot of debates given that such murders have in the past been committed by mainly men. Am sure women advocates on Violence Against Women will face challenges trying to convince the public that men are the perpetrators of VAW. And sure will not be surprised if an organization fighting against VAM crops up. The truth about the motive behind the murder or death is known to only Lydia who whether in self defence or with motives to steal or hurt the general is likely to spend rest of her life in prison and more so that she killed a lion. The truth is yet to be established but in case it was self defence will she find justice given that she is a low class woman who could hardly get a lawyer to represent her?

A friend introduced me to a concept I had never thought of and this drove me quick to think about this incidence and write this article…. ‘The Battered Woman’s Syndrome! Inquisitive to know what this really means ‘Jane’ (not real name), told me that battered women may keep their anger and succumb to abuse for along time but when it erupts one may be shocked at the outcome no matter how weak they are!

Could the death of one of Uganda’s Lions been an outcome of the battered Woman’s syndrome? Not sure but the power relations between the two was too unequal and this cannot be ruled out! A rich educated, military giant, with power and status in society Vs a poor woman whose background little is known, with little or no education, staying in a two bedroomed house sponsored by the general, no job and indentified as a sex worker etc Whether in self defence or not sure poor Lydia will rot in prison having touched one of the untouchable! Still watching this space! Still watching this space!