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Monthly Archives: February 2009

What an empowering camp; really turning information into action

This  was one of the best camps i have attended…time will tell but cant deny the fact that i have learnt alot! Collaboration and cooperation strategies and tools, geo mapping, Graphic mapping and visualisation, digital activism, Sms tools, video editing, wow….i cant recount all but iam definately empowered than i came!

Thanks you Tactical tech and info activism participants


Experience at European Development Days (EDD), Strasbourg, France

EDD exhibition

EDD exhibition

European Commission under the presidency of France officially opens the European Development Days (EDD). The EDD is a high level meeting for development cooperation practitioners and decision makers held every year since 2006. The event hosts more than 3000 participants from every continent, representing over 1200 organizations in the development community.

Today 15th November 2008 in Strasbourg, the

The theme of the EDD 2008 is “Local Authorities and Development”.


With support from Centre for Technical Agriculture (CTA) development partners including WOUGNET are participating and have exhibited materials promoting their activities including publications, video documentaries, among others. The EDD is a memorable event with a lot of networking and making contact with people from all spheres of life. It’s also a memorable having fun for the first time in France.