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Taking your blog to another level

Was wondering how to take my blog to another level yet havent created one anyway! But went a head to attend the session. it was worth it i learnt alot and had no option but to create my own blog. One of my fears was to keep my blog active with a busy shcedule.

Some of the things you need to look out for.

  • What are you taking about?- what do you think about most, like most, dream about, spend money on…..the list is endless. focus your what you like most.
  • Momentum? look out for what you like and focus on one. you can have sub categories if ypu have many. Re evaluate your list of hierrarchy if loose the momentum.
  • Marketing- know your message

About The Story Teller

Passionate about Gender and ICT Issues, participates in awareness raising /capacity building activities on Gender & ICTs aimed at up lifting the status of women and girls in Uganda

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